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About Me

let me introduce myself my name is Lloyd Beck aka DJ Beck I was born on May 20th 1993, currently Diagnosed with Asperger’s, autism & dyspraxia suffering with this has caused my life to be a difficult start up to build confidence in talking and communicating with people. I wanted to study music and become a radio presenter DJ. I started to teach myself DJ Lessons so I can rightly say I am a self taught DJ this was the easiest way of gaining confidence and knowledge in the music scene and I worked hard to become to where I wanted to be now as a Radio Presenter. After college I started getting gigs in many places such as The Grand & Hilton hotel in Brighton I also got myself a set slot at a pub known as the Globe in Chichester where I gained my audience in my hometown. While I was a DJ in this pub my social media started a big growth of interest with people knowing who I am. While handing out CDs at my sets people could recommend me to their friends. By the time the years turned to the start of 2018 i made many contacts and became a radio presenter I have moved from many stations, The start of my presenting career was Bognor Regis Radio that had many listeners that gave me experience to move to stations based in London and now i am settled at a station called Ontop Fm the radio studio is set in Thornton Heath at 95.5FM. We have had many guests in the studio such as Big Narstie.
Due to people knowing about my health issues such as Asperger’s and dyspraxia big names and artist such as Tim Westwood, DJ Ironik, Stonebridge, Anton Powers, Willie D, Nolay, Lee Perry and many more have all provided me with radio jingles supporting me and saying my name recorded. Recently i have also been invited to be behind the scenes at a private launch party organised by the major MC Kie. This was organised for the KissFM DJ and artist producer RudeKid, with his brand new number one hit ft Nahli called Please Don’t. I have also just started radio interviews including Cori Jacobs who was a producer for Beyonce and Pussycat Dolls. Over the past experience i have managed to gain ideas and set up my own online internet station called Sussex FM, we plan to go via Fm transmitters as soon as we have gathered funds which will be happening very fast.

By LuminaWeb